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NeuroPlex is now only available for 32bit acquisition systems. Analysis-only version is available for all PCs (IDL required).

The acquisition section has a variety of triggering and averaging modes. This section also controls a shutter and stimulator and records analog signals from eight BNC inputs. The acquisition section of the program is specific to the hardware used for the NeuroPDA, NeuroCCD and NeuroCMOS systems.
The analysis section has extensive provisions for displaying traces (intensity vs time) and movies of propagating activity. The design of the software has benefited from customer suggestions. We incorporate almost all of our user's suggestions about new features and improvements.


Turbo-SM is a new acquisition and analysis program we now offer with all our new cameras. System upgrade to 64bit is available for older cameras.

The program offers 3 acquisition modes - live, record and single frame. Recordings can be intiated by external trigger. Cameras with built-in A/D can control shutter/LED and stimulator and records analog signals from four BNC inputs.  It allows long recordings and outputs the data in format that can be read by Neuroplex.
A *.fit format is also available for reading the data with ImageJ.