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RedShirtImaging™ LLC partners with many of the world's leading scientists to help us refine and improve our equipment and software. These highly respected scientists are also gracious enough to offer their assistance if you arrive at a situation in which you need help. The following is a list of current users and their respective field of expertise. Please feel free to email them directly with questions on our products and technical advice.

Areas of expertise:
Multicellular Imaging
· In Vivo
· In Vitro
Single Cell Imaging
· In Vitro

Multicellular Imaging:

In Vivo:
Name Email Scientific Project
Larry Cohenlawrence.cohen@yale.eduIn vivo recordings (Aplysia ganglia, turtle bulb and cortex, mammalian bulb and cortex). Signal-to-noise ratio considerations.
Masahiro voltage sensitive dye signals from the auditory cortex
Anna Wang Roeanna.roe@vanderbilt.eduOptical imaging of visual and somatosensory cortex in primates.

In Vitro:
Name Email Scientific Project
Meyer Jacksonmjackson@physiology.wisc.eduVoltage imaging of circuit activity in slices of mammalian brain and spinal cord.
Asaf Kellerakeller@umaryland.eduOptical imaging of the rat olfactory bulb glomeruli.
AnaLia voltage sensitive dyes to study models of neuronal networks (enteric plexus
Brian M. recording from nerve terminals using voltage and calcium indicator dyes. Signal-to-noise ratio considerations
Erwin J. Speckmannspeckma@uni-muenster.deUsing voltage sensitive fluorescence and absorption dyes to study synchronous activity in epileptic models(living human brain tissue from epilepsy and tumor surgery; rat neocortical tissue and hippocampal slices; tissue culture; astrocytes).
Yoko voltage sensitive dyes for the study of the embryonic chicken and rat central nervous system.
Jian-young Wuwuj@georgetown.eduMeasuring population activity in cortical slices using voltage sensitive dyes.

Single Cell Imaging:

In Vitro:
Name Email Scientific Project
Alan Fineaf26@dal.caImaging ion and voltage transients in vitro to study synaptic function and plasticity.
Dejan voltage sensitive dyes in individual invertebrate neurons in ganglia and individual mammalian neurons in slice preparations.
Nechama Lasser-Rossnechama.ross@gmail.comUsing intracellular Ca2+ and Na+ indicators to map activity in dendrites and axons of single neurons in brain slices.