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Main Features

Simultaneous optical and 4 channels of electrical recording
Software control of a shutter and a stimulator
3 available modes of acquisition - live (for alignment etc.), record - for time dependent experiment and single frame acquisition.

User Interface:

This user interface controls our new CCD and CMOS systems. In these systems the electrical recording AtoD converter is built into the camera controller to improve synchronization. Camera parameters, mode of acquisition, trigger, file names and histogram range are controlled from the right coloum.
The display of the image(s) and traces is controlled from the tool box and sliders in the main part of the screen.

Additional Information

camera configuration : 

Spatial configurations are camera dependent. The spatial resolution and area dimensions determine the maximal time resolution of the recording. The number of frames determines the length of a recording. Different camera gains are available for different levels of available light.  

Also under user's control : 

    1. Trigger mode (on/off).
    2. Pre-trigger period (ms) recording.   
    3. File name and overwriting.

    4. Histogram range.
    5. 3 types of of ROIs for time dependent display.
    6. Low/high pass filters for time-dependent traces.

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