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The NeuroCMOS-DW is a series of cameras ideal for high and medium light level measurements. These cameras have very large dynamic range and by way of variable gains for different rows, are capable in resolving changes in light intensity from both very bright and relatively dim regions within the same field. 3 selectable gains allow a single camera to operate both with relatively low read noise and a very large well size. The cameras are close to ideal for recording fluorescence or absorption signals from tissue stained with voltage sensitive dyes as well as for intrinsic imaging.

All of the cameras in the series have large pixels, 128x128 m2. The large pixels improve the fill factor and increase the light gathering efficiency from large preparations. Each of the cameras have an array of 128X128 pixels, for relatively high spatial resolution. 
The NeuroCMOS-DW128f is very fast. It uses 16 readout channels to record at 10,000 fps. It is capable of  recording action potential propagation with outstanding temporal resolution.
The NeuroCMOS-DW128 uses four readout channels only and its maximum speed is 2,500 fps.

For both cameras :
3 selectable well sizes : 1 Me-, 12 Me- and 100 Me-
21 bit dynamic range
Digitization: 14 bits.
Quantum efficiency: 50%
Fill factor: 70%
Simultaneous optical and 8 channels of electrical recording
Comprehensive, user-friendly software designed for neurobiologists, physiologists and biophysicists
Computer control of shutter and stimulator.

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